The Importance of Creating a Mobile App for Supply Chain Industry

Improves employee productivity, supply chain management, process efficiency, and revenue generation!

The use of mobile applications and mobile application development looks like a natural choice for the Supply Chain & Logistics industry, as this particular industry is marked by the massive movement of millions of people & parcels from one place to another. Understanding this requirement, Webzino Technologies – a mobile app development company has stepped forward in the market.

With the use of the transportation mobile app, Supply Chain has been transformed into a seamless, transparent, cost-effective, on-time, effortless, and less labor-intensive process. Our top app developers integrate advancements of mobile technology are dedicated to delivering next-gen logistics solutions, such as easy tracking for your fleet and vehicles, a geo-fencing tool to live track drivers, order tracking, etc.

Why Supply Chain Industry Need Mobile Apps?


Impact of Transportation App or Mobile App Solutions in Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

Warehouse management

Many mobile applications facilitate the Supply Chain development company & Logistics companies to remotely manage the warehouse in terms of close monitoring of inventory received & dispatched, physical verification of inventory & prevention of thefts & other losses of the inventory, and without the need of hiring teams for managing each warehouse. This mobile application development enables the companies with complete visibility of the various functions that are performed inside a warehouse.

Real-time shipment tracking by customers

With the use of mobile applications, (supply chain management app development) customers can track their orders to know about the status of their shipment. The mobile application asks for the contact details of the customers (this info is used for sending notifications to customers to get notifications about each & every action related to the delivery on their mobile screens) before placing the order. This information is used for sending notifications to customers. This boosts customer confidence & loyalty.

The flow of communication in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain involves a variety of activities, which is starting from procurement, packaging, dispatching, and shipping to final delivery. The flow of communication between the various teams with the help of application development can be quick, clear & continuous. Thus, there is no gap in the communication flow, as any gap in communication can lead to misunderstanding, confusion & dissatisfaction among the various teams & customers.

Reduce customer service cost

Use of the mobile applications can reduce the cost of customer service of the companies in the Supply Chain industry. The customer with the use of technology-driven applications receives notifications about the status of the shipment on his mobile screen, hence it is not required for him to call the companies to ask about the status update. As the result, this reduces the number of phone calls and the companies are not required to hire a 24/7 customer service team to answer customer’s queries.

paper less data
No paper dependency for reduced data redundancy

The companies that deal with the supply chain industry have converted their paper data into digital data just by using mobile applications. Now the data related to any shipment can be retrieved as quickly as it is entered, but earlier the Logistics and Supply Chain Company used to have a complex system of creating & maintaining a paper file for each shipment. With the use of mobile applications, the data is not lost and available as to when it’s required.

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