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Google Analytics is one of the most popular marketing analytics platforms used by a million organizations worldwide to gain better insights on user behavior on their websites. There are several features in Google Analytics that can help web developers and designers in making a better user experience on their website. At Webzino Technologies, we take a multi-phased approach to mobile app design and web development and a good insight can help companies reach users across multiple channels.

Your Analytics prioritize the issues from highest priority to lowest

Features in Google Analytics and insights to help web developers and designers in making a better user experience on their website and app design:

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Use Events to identify User Interactions on specific parts of your website

You have required to fire a separate Google Analytics event when you want to track actions on your websites, such as button clicks or form submissions because the basic Google Analytics code only tracks page views by default. These events can be implemented by adding the Analytics code with the appropriate Event Category, Action, and Label information.

You can use Event Category to group events based on a specific function such as Page Engagement, eCommerce. Similarly, you can use Event Action to identify the exact action the user made such as Click, Scroll, Form Submission, etc. despite the fact you can use Event Label to get the URL where the event was fired.

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Learn the way users Scroll down the Pages with scroll tracking events

Events in Google Analytics Implementation Services also can be used for scroll tracking apart from tracking clicks and form submissions. Once a specific element appears in the viewport, you can do this by adding the Google Analytics event code to fire.

For starters, this feature helps you in terms of user experience as it can help you determine up to what part of the page are users willing to scroll down. You can segment that data based on device or browser, time of day, and location as that specific data is available in Google Analytics.

Get a Time Estimation that your users spend on your website

With the help of Google Analytics Management, it’s possible to learning up to where people scroll as well as finding out how much time they spend on the website.

After installing the Google Analytics pageview tag, users can be able to get a metric called Avg. Session Duration, which is generally understood to measure the amount of time that a user spends on each visit to your website (a session).

Find out the exact place users get stuck or other pain points on the website

Once you’ve implemented events and timing hits on Google Analytics, you’d be able to know where in the site users get stuck. This event is called the Behavior Flow report in Google Analytics, which appears as a flowchart, shows how users arrive at the site and the subsequent page views or actions they take before dropping off.

Know the types of User Behavior that lead to which actions for Conversions and which not

At the end of the day, a client or your employer is having a website for selling your company’s products online (eCommerce), generating sign-ups for a service (lead generation), or even just to promote the company’s services (awareness).

This is how Google Analytics expert can make you know the types of user behavior in the website. You can get more in-depth insights into what users do on your website by collecting data based on a combination of page views and different events. Besides, you can separate specific key actions as conversions on your website by creating goals.

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