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Our range of Migration and Upgrade services helps you move from alternative e-commerce platforms to the latest Magento version. With our migration and upgrade services, you will get unmatched performance, improved security, a centralized management system, quicker site load time, and more extensive scalability for your e-commerce store.

Migrating databases, applications, and other in-use programs to an advanced and updated platform is possible through our services. We (data migration service providers) assure effortless and fast Software Migration and Upgrades Services, ranging from assessment to planning, to remediation, to end-user communication and scheduling, to go-live and support while minimizing business downtime and maximizing business benefits.

Types of Migration & Upgrades Services We Offer

Software migration
Software Migration

We, at Webzino, are engaged to cater comprehensive software migration services such as migration strategy, planning, data extraction, data cleansing, data loading, data verification, data testing, and implementation. We’re a cloud migration company carry out our proven re-engineering methods with source application portfolio analysis and by carefully analyzing legacy software, business logic, and then migrating with a tool-based approach.

server migration
Server Migration

Server migrations consist of active databases, fine-tuned applications, critical emails that require a seamless transfer with minimum business downtime and they are way more than mere data migration. Our company implements end-to-end server migration services or cloud migration services for Apache web server, Java and PHP frameworks, BizTalk server, and many more middleware components.

website migration
Website Migration

Website migration service at Webzino leverages to transfer an entire website from any pre-existing web host to a different web host, which involves transferring all critical website data files. Our team caters to database migration services that comprise load testing, performance tuning, and assessment, upgrades to open-source platforms, or optimizations for applications.

software upgrade
Software Upgrade Services

We are one of the top cloud migration service providers, offering In-Service Software Upgrade solutions that meticulously address software issues in real-time with zero or minimal business downtime. The software upgrade is a critical operation as not upgrading a software leads to lacking functionalities, missing features, or bugs to deal with, and it can lead to heavy damage to the network functionality.

App Development Services for Mobiles & Tablets
Legacy Application Migration

Many organizations with an ever-evolving technology landscape need to modernize their applications to keep pace with constantly changing business requirements, and comprehending this fact, we are committed to helping you upgrade your legacy applications so as to add significant business value to your business by optimizing the right blend of existing application management with new technological enhancements or migrations.

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