Quality Assurance

Learn how you should ensure your app’s quality through our QA service

Webzino Technologies is a dedicated Quality Assurance testing company dedicated to testing carefully for both our developed applications and developed software. Our team of programmers and testers are industry expert professionals in their respective fields that help to bring the best of our functionality & usability testing. For this reason, our company is preferred as the most promising web & mobile application Development Company in India.

Quality Assurance is the important part of a professional website development approach that ensures end-users get the best user experience and functional user interface when using a web app or website. Further, our quality assurance in software development service allows a business owner to get a quality website.

Application Quality Assurance usually involves Requirement testing, Design evaluation, and Functionality testing, which can examine a website or web application to uncover any flaws that might have been overlooked during design and development.

Types of quality assurance in app development we provide

  • testing
    Requirement Testing

    Requirement testing is essential throughout the app development process, hence, our QA tester compiles a list of requirements and uses them to evaluate the layout, prototype, and/or alpha version of a website or web app.

  • custom software development
    Design Testing

    When it comes to design testing, the QA tester checks whether the look of the web app or website is in line with the overall layout. The process of design testing (Design testing looks at the appearance of the web app or website) includes such activities as browser testing and mobile testing.

  • Automated Clinical Workflows & Tailoring custom approach
    Functionality Testing

    Functionality testing evaluates both the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of a web app or website that allows us to create quality websites for a business. It usually is the final step in Quality Assurance for mobile applications testing that ensures that each link, button, form, and all the other features are operating as they should.

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