AR & VR App Development Solution

We, at Webzino Technologies (VR mobile app development, Augmented Reality App Development company), have proven experience in delivering outstanding apps by utilizing the power of Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Our professionals such as, talented developers who help you bring your augmented and virtual app idea to life by incorporating the latest frameworks of Apple and Google such as, ARKit and ARCore respectively. Known as a AR VR app development company, our in-house team of UI/UX designers, digital producers, and 3D artists work collaboratively with the help of app developers to build next-gen applications that are capable of interacting with the real world in more innovative and realistic ways.

Benefits of AR/VR

Our custom AR/VR software, which include a variety of industry applications:

Multiple Device Compatibility

Our AR/VR app development solutions (virtual & augmented reality services) are compatible with different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers with varied operating systems, AR glasses, connected TVs, and VR viewers. Device compatible apps, higher success rate, and support multiple OS versions are some of the features come with AR/VR app solution.

Locations Based AR solutions

Our AR app development services provide information related to surroundings and navigation facilities to the users. Leveraging on geospatial mapping and geolocation, our company uses additional social information, data-like pictures, and facilities in our best Augmented Reality apps for Android development. Boosting business ROI, Revolutionizing technology, L.A.B.R based applications are some of the features come with AR/VR app solution.

Object Recognition

Our experts provide both cloud-based and device-based AR solutions that provide facilities like, recognition of an object and its position in a scene to augment the display for a detailed and enlarged look. Effective object detection, Supports multiple camera coordination, and Intrusion detection apps are some of the features that come with AR/VR app solutions.

Marker Recognition

Tracking visual markers with AR/VR application is able to align virtual data with the real-time environment inside an app or a device. Some of the features like Marker-rich apps, Create amazing real experiences, and recognize 3D objects come with AR/VR app solutions.

Face Recognition and Visual Recognition

Face recognition solutions automatically identify people and detect their facial features to lock/unlock devices and applications. Some of the features like the Non-contact process, Serves crime deterrent purpose, and the functionally independent app comes with AR/VR app development.

Visual Recognition AR is featured with experiences loaded right from the recognized images and videos. Visually analyzes photos, Tag, organize & understand images, and 10x more coverage are some of the features that come with the AR/VR app or virtual reality applications solution.

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