Mobile App with Asset Tracking Solution

We, at Webzino Technologies, develop mobile applications with an asset tracking feature, which enables you to manage and track assets quickly and easily with just smartphones and tablets at any time, and anywhere. Some of the features of asset tracking mobile app are – find out who has what kind of asset, where it’s located, and when it will be returned, and so on. And with Webzino’s Asset Tracking software development, you can increase the speed of performing common asset tracking tasks such as Signature Capture, Check-in & Check-out, Log performed maintenance & Repair, Move & Dispose.

Key Features of Asset Tracking Mobile App

  • location
    Tracking of both man and machine

    One who uses an asset tracking mobile application can track either people and the equipment or machines involved.

  • Web-based dashboard
    Web-based dashboard

    It allows you to remotely track the assets, locate the current place, and also helps in locating those from anywhere.

  • Safety

    Industrial safety is essential and people who use asset tracking app that can help them to trace to see if there are trace paths of assets that move near any unsafe zone.

Advantages or Benefits of Asset Tracking Mobile App


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