Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Solution for Your Organization to Work Faster

Webzino Technologies with its innovative technologies, provides you with Digital Asset Management solutions that work across a wide range of industry verticals, whether it’s education, hospitality, airlines, or media & entertainment. Digital Asset Management solutions are helpful for those users who want to keep their files organized and easily accessible and starting from adding keywords, titles, notifications, alerts to custom metadata. The Digital Asset Management Solution in Mobile interfaces is provided by us to allow you to access your digital media assets (software, files, photos, video’s, etc.) from any device, and wherever you are. Moreover, we provide safe, secure, and cost-effective digital asset management solutions that help you in growing your business.

Three important features of the Digital Asset Management solution

  • Powerful Search
    Powerful Search

    It offers you facilities like simple keyword search, complex multi-term search, adaptive facets, and sharable search templates to reduce time, which is spent looking for assets.

  • Limitless Scalability
    Limitless Scalability

    Provides scales to handle capacity and allows organizations to start small and expand as needed.

  • Access Control and Personalization

    It offers the users a single sign-on in a central directory or custom password rules and with two-factor authentication.

What Digital Asset Management solution's software offers?


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