Embedded Software Development Solution

Webzino Technologies is a software development company, experienced to offer turn-key embedded software solutions that ensure security on all layers of an embedded system, including on-device storage, communication between hardware and protocols, cloud gateways, device management systems, etc.

We, at Webzino create solutions in several technological domains, starting from server monitoring and diagnostic suites, virtualization, backup, and data migration solutions to custom kernels, bootloaders, drivers, BSPs, GUIs, and other applications. Also, our high-tech practice offers embedded software development services for industrial and home automation applications, consumer electronics products, embedded silicon, and GPS-based systems.

Our team of embedded software professionals has rich experience in working across microcontroller, a single processor, multi-processor, and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)-based control applications and their industry know-how in Embedded systems software development is capable to span embedded systems for telemetric data services, in-vehicle infotainment, avionics, remote asset management, and healthcare.

Types of Embedded Application Development and Services at Webzino

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