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Webzino Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has its deep domain expertise, which is capable of developing and delivering innovative web properties and applications using scalable open-source development platforms. We, with highly advanced open-source development technology, can offer a customized open-source environment that enables companies to design and deliver web and app performances. Our open-source development team knows open source projects / Open Source Mobile App Development Software inside out and they properly handle the source technologies to make the most of your budget and render the best-suited development services based on your organizational requirements.

Why choose Webzino for Open Source mobile app solutions?

Open Source Development Process

Understanding the Project, Wireframing, and Planning
Understanding the Project, Wireframing, and Planning

First of all we, at Webzino gather the requirements of the clients, discuss the idea with them then brainstorm upon it and lastly clarify all doubts regarding the project in advance. Then come wireframing, prototyping, and feasibility analysis that we do before proceeding to the design or development phase.

Graphic and ui designing
Graphic and UI Designing

Secondly, the process starts with visual components & plans, like design strategy, PSDs, and screens, which all are crafted at the next step of the project development process.

First Draft to Final Delivery
First Draft to Final Delivery

Thirdly, we focus on the first draft of the project, which is shown to the client. At that stage, if any requirement changes, we get it made, approved, and finally, the project is launched.

Quality and extension
Quality and Extension

Once the first draft is ready, the quality assurance is performed and a security audit is done at the fourth stage.

Development and optimization
Development and Optimization

Finally, our well-skilled developers create functional elements, algorithms, and other backend modules while they are integrating them with UI at this step.

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