Sales Management

Sales Management Software Apps for Businesses

We, at Webzino Technologies, (Sales management Software Development Company) provide best Sales Management software solutions that make it easier for the new sales joiners to accomplish their tasks in a shorter span than the earlier person on the post. This particular software helps you manage your entire sales team and their targets and also records all about the entire team as per hierarchy including their calls, visits, deals cracked, minutes of meetings, commitments, deliveries, failures, and to manage their contacts, track sales deals.

Key Features

  • Contact Management
    Contact Management

    We can organize your customer data like his contact number, demographic, etc. in a centralized location. Customer service interaction can be saved here that is further useful for future offers, deals, and prediction of sale probability with that client.

  • User-friendly Dashboard
    User-friendly Dashboard

    Our software dashboard is extremely user-friendly which enables us to maintain a simple and useful workflow to assist in easing out any confusion even for a non-techie.

  • Campaign management
    Campaign Management

    Once a campaign has been decided over, this software assists in setting up target clients, streamlining work processes, and measurement of success on predefined metrics.

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